Simplify and Create Client Engagements

Leading software to increase productivity, transparency in legal industry

The Legally provides all the tools that you need to create, update management, and more!


Challenges in managing documents and communication with clients.

Document Management

Manual management using papers without system

Client's Engagement

Lack of transparency in communication with client

File Tracking

Difficulty to keep tracking of client file journey


Unable to track time and expenses for each cases


A data driven cloud-based platform helping client and lawyer firm to have a transparency engagement

Digitalize Work Process

Digitalization and automation of management processes.

Structured Cloud Base Platform

Enable tracking data exchange to monitor each individual case

Monitor Data Driven

Monitor cashflow of each case with integration of data in one click


Get More Than Just Law Software

The Legally provides all the tools that you need to manage your legal cases, realtime update, bills and more for the legal company.

Case Management

Stay organised and get the information you need whenever and wherever you want it.

Document Management

Securely edit, store, and organise your legal papers from any location.

Contact Management

Easily organise contact information, documents, and communication logs from intake to invoice.

Time and Expense Tracking

Make billing simple and precise.

Client Portal

Clients can interact and work with their lawyer using a desktop and mobile app.

Task Management

Assign tasks and keep track of them. Report on job progress, identify bottlenecks, and improve productivity management.

Law Firm Insight Dashboard

In one dashboard, see how many hours your firm has captured, billed, and collected.


Comply with trust accounting regulations while simplifying reconciliations


Generating a case-by-case report

Simple tools for epic legal operations

Transform legal operations with The Legally through single, easy to use platform

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